Data Leakage Prevention

Your data is the critical aspect of your business, and preventing its loss should be just as critical. Whether you have a requirement to comply with an industry regulator or you simply want to adopt best practice to minimise risks to your data, the challenges to keeping your most valuable asset safe should be viewed in two tiers:

Potential ingress and egress points in your company could lead to unintentional or malicious leaks. Examples include poorly configured firewalls or content control proxy servers. Those who access the data may be malicious employees carrying out industrial espionage or misguided employees misplacing data. Poorly written policies around document control or lack of security awareness could lead to accidental leakages.

Malware & Ransomware Protection

Controlling data loss from within your company is only half the battle, as malware and ransomware from external sources can affect your PCs and workstations, whilst going unspotted by the layers of security you may have in place. Introducing Malware and Ransomware protection – designed to create an additional layer of security, over and above your firewalls and anti-virus, to rapidly detect an intrusion, and prevent it from proliferating.

Protection Type Description
Cryptoware Detection & Blocking Heimdal provides protection against one of the biggest current threats: Cryptoware. Deep knowledge of cyber-criminal infrastructure empowers the software to detect and block Cryptoware infections. Your network will be safe from TorrentLocker or CryptoLocker attacks or other ransomware strains.
Shield Against Website Malware Distribution Actively protect your users against attacks delivered from legitimate websites. It blocks infected banners and access to websites with script injections. When it's possible, Heimdal will only block the infected banner or web page, so users can still access the rest of the website.
Active Protection Against Data Leakage Make your network resilient against data leakage. Heimdal can single out and block data exfiltration attempts. This ensures that vital corporate information is kept safe from prying eyes.
Zero Day Malware Protection Using proactive traffic scanning technologies, it detects and protects your network against 2nd generation malware, such as CryptoWall, Crytpolocker, Dridex or Zeus strains. It does so based on cyber-criminal infrastructure communication.

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