Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment Assistance

To help you understand the current effectiveness of security at your company, a good place to start is a simple self-assessment.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry supported scheme to help organisation’s protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. This scheme is in place to allow you to prove to yourselves and your customer base that you are following security best practice. The self-assessment is broken down into 10-steps to review the current security set-up of your company. These are as follows:

Self-Assessment Steps
User Education and Awareness Yes
User Access Control Yes
Secure configuration of systems Yes
Home and mobile working Yes
Proactive Monitoring of your Network Yes
Malware Protection Yes
Network Security Yes
Removable Media Control Yes
Incident Management Yes
Risk Management Yes

Scan Professional Services consultants offer a wealth of experience in the area and we are able to provide you with assistance in completing the self-assessment to the standard required by the scheme. For more information on Cyber Essentials.

Security Awareness Course

In today’s world of rising data loss cases, regulatory fines and malware attacks, security must be seen as every employee’s responsibility. Do you feel you have armed your employees with the skills they need to protect your data?

Many companies protect themselves on a logical and physical plane and forget that the most dangerous asset on the network is the user.

They can be tricked into providing their company credentials via a phishing attack or open your company up to compromise via brute force attacks by using poorly chosen passwords.

Failure to recognise this can leave your company with a gaping hole in its defences.

Scan Professional Services has security experts specially trained in this area able to provide a 1-day course aimed at providing your team with the knowledge to protect your data from those who would use it to cause you harm. The modules include:

Data Privacy

Password Usage

Email and Instant Messenger (IM) Threats

Securing Your Workstations

Secure Disposal

User Access Rights

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