Incident Response

When you initially contact the Scan Incident Response team, we will attempt to locate the initial cause, eradicate the threat from your network, highlight any issues that result from the breach and finally bring you back to normal business practices. The technical investigation of the incident is our entry-level service, whereas a full incident management wrap, where we drive your team and offer internal communications to address the incident, can be specified as an additional service.

We are also able to offer a follow-up service, involving a Post Incident Review (PIR), which allows our consultants to review the incident holistically and build a remediation plan to stop it happening again.

Securing Evidence

Scan Incident Responders will always follow industry best practice to secure as much evidence as possible regarding the incident – this will allow your company to pursue a legal case if the need should arise. We are also able to offer professional witness services to support the evidence at court using the law enforcement experience we have within our team.

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