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DGX as a Service

High performance AI infrastructure in the cloud

High Performance Cloud Computing

NVIDIA DGX server appliances are the gold standard when it comes to GPU-accelerated compute power - ideal for training models with deep learning and AI workloads. Our DGX as a Service cloud solutions enable any organisation to take advantage of these supercomputers without the need to invest in on-premise or hosted hardware and its associated maintenance. Available in rental increments as small as one week, a DGX can be used as little or as often as required, or multiple DGX units can be combined into extremely powerful clusters.


NVIDIA DGX technology lies at the heart of our cloud service delivering cutting edge performance for deep learning and AI workloads


Available as a single DGX or a cluster of multiple units your compute power can be tailored to your specific workload at that time.


The Scan DGX as a Service offers a wide choice of storage capacities and technologies to complement the compute hardware.


Available in either weekly, monthly or yearly commitments, there is no upfront outlay or ongoing maintenance costs associated with on-premise infrastructure.


All Scan’s DGX servers are hosted in secure datacentre environments so the cloud experience will not compromise the integrity of your data.


As an NVIDIA Elite partner, Scan provides guidance throughout your cloud service - from advice on hardware choices to data science assistance.

NVIDIA DGX - Leader in Technology

The NVIDIA DGX range of appliances includes cutting edge technology such as SXM4 GPUs equipped with HBM2 memory for maximum performance, coupled with NVLink connecting the GPUs together to create huge parallel compute bandwidth. Additionally the Infiniband network cards provide high throughput, low latency connectivity to any external storage your cloud configuration includes.

Your cloud DGX experience is about much more than the hardware, as your instance will take advantage of a combination of supporting software - from a server optimised Linux Ubuntu OS, NVDocker container tool, deep learning SDK, NVIDIA Cloud Management Service and NVIDIA DIGITS and RAPIDS through to access to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

NVIDIA NGC - The GPU Cloud for your DGX in the Cloud

The NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) provides access to a comprehensive catalogue of GPU-optimised software tools for deep learning and high performance computing (HPC) that take full advantage of NVIDIA GPUs. The NGC container registry features NVIDIA tuned, tested, certified, and maintained containers for a comprehensive list of deep learning frameworks. It also offers third-party managed HPC application containers, NVIDIA HPC visualisation containers, and partner applications.

Run:AI - Maximise your GPU Utilisation

Our cloud-based DGX servers contain multiple GPU acceleration cards and deliver enormous performance and workload throughput capabilities, but usually only for a single user per physical system. Virtualisation allows you to pool these resources in order to gain greater control and visibility.

Run:AI software decouples data science workloads from the underlying GPU hardware. By pooling resources and applying an advanced scheduling mechanism to data science workflows, Run:AI greatly increases the ability to fully utilise all available resources, essentially creating unlimited compute. Run:AI capability can be easily added to your cloud DGX instance.

Red Hat OpenShift – Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes Platform

Our cloud-based DGX servers can be provisioned with Red Hat OpenShift, the leading enterprise Kubernetes container platform.

OpenShift comprises an enterprise-grade Linux-based operating system, container runtimes, networking, monitoring, register, authentication and authorisation modules. Deploying is as easy as clicking a button or entering a git push command, streamlining delivery of new applications.

Secure Hosting

The Scan DGX as a Service offering, delivered in conjunction with our secure datacentre partner, has been designed from the ground and includes optimised appliances at every stage of the architecture to reduce bottlenecks and ensure scalability. Unlike other remote GPU-accelerated services these environments are supported by a full team of expert consultants including data scientists, Linux engineers and hardware architects to supported your cloud experience.

Cloud Services Tailored for You
Software Image GPU CPU RAM Storage Weekly Cost Monthly Cost
DGX operating system (Ubuntu) - bare metal 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 2x Intel Xeon 512GB 7TB SSD £800 £3,000
Run: AI - multiple users & scheduling 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 2x Intel Xeon 512GB 7TB SSD £965 £3,800
Red Hat OpenShift - hybrid cloud Kubernetes platform 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 2x Intel Xeon 512GB 7TB SSD Call for price Call for price

To start using DGX as a Service, or for further hardware or pricing options, please contact the Scan AI team.

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