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When looking to upgrade your PC, RAM is one of the first places to look. More RAM reduces the amount the page file is used, speeding up programs and allowing you to run more applications simultaneously. DDR and DDR2 RAM can be found in most modern systems, but there's more to know than just that. This article looks at how DDR and DDR2 work and what the differences between them are.

The Technology
Firstly, DDR stands for Dual Data Rate and is the replacement for SDRAM. The best analogy we have come across for how DDR works is: If the memory is visualised as a bicycle pump, SDRAM “pumps” push data into the “tyre” each time the barrel of the pump is pressed down, whereas DDR pushes data both on the downstroke and the upstroke of the barrel so filling the “tyre” at twice the speed.

Page: 1 of 4