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Intel 8th Gen desktop CPUs

Intel 8th Gen desktop CPUs

Date issued:

Desktop CPU

Intel Desktop Core Series

Model Cores /
Smart Cache
Price ($)
8th Gen Mobile Mainstream processors
Core i5-8600 6 / 6 9 3.1 4.3 Dual DDR4-2666 65 213
Core i5-8500 6 / 6 9 3 4.1 Dual DDR4-2666 65 192
Core i3-8300 4 / 4 8 3.7 - Dual DDR4-2400 62 138
8th Gen Mobile Low-Power Processors
Core i7-8700T 6 / 12 12 2.4 4.0 Dual DDR4-2666 35 303
Core i5-8600T 6 / 6 9 2.3 3.7 Dual DDR4-2666 35 213
Core i5-8500T 6 / 6 9 2.1 3.5 Dual DDR4-2666 35 192
Core i5-8400T 6 / 6 8 1.7 3.3 Dual DDR4-2400 35 138
Core i3-8100T 4 / 4 6 3.1 - Dual DDR4-2400 35 117

Three standard and five low-power CPUs augment the current catalogue. What is particularly impressive is the new T-series, now shipping with 35W TDPs. The Core i7-8700T crams in 12 threads and a decent top speed within that thermal envelope, acting more like a performance mobile chip. It looks like a great choice for enthusiasts who desire an uber-quiet PC that can still do most things well.

Dropping down, the Core i3-8100T is another fine choice, costing just $117 and offering solid everyday performance whilst barely chewing on the electricity. The chips all use the standard LGA 1151 v2 form factor present on other 8th Gen Core parts, so now the build-it-yourself consumer has more choice than ever before.

The raft of processors require a 300-series supporting chipset and Intel has also expanded the range past Z370. Enter the H370, H310, Q370 and B360.

New Desktop 300-series Chipsets

Intel Desktop 300-Series Chipsets

Model High-speed I/O PCIe lanes SATA Ports RST Devices USB 3.1G1/G2
Smart Sound vPro Overclocking
8th Gen Mobile processors
Z370 30 24 6 3 10 / 6 Yes No Yes
Q370 30 24 6 3 10 / 6 Yes Yes No
H370 30 20 6 2 8 / 4 Yes No Unknown
H310 14 6 4 0 4 / 0 No No No
B360 24 12 6 1 6 / 4 Yes No No

This at-a-glance table shows what each brings to the table. Z370 still remains the best, imbued with the most connectivity and ability to overclock K-series chipset. The Q370 is basically the same chipset but with the ability to run Intel vPro Technology. As such, it is primed for premium business machines that require extra security.

H370 keeps most of the Z370's goodness but reduces the maximum number of chipset-driven PCIe lanes to 20 while also dropping some USB. The lower cost and minor specification drop makes it a good choice for those that can't quite extend to the best chipset. H310, meanwhile, is very much a value proposition, as you can see by the specifications.Scan currently have a range of Intel 8th Gen CPUs in stock and shipping.