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An easy upgrade?
Now, those of you with the heart of an upgrader will have immediately thought about replacing your current single-core processor with a dual-core equivalent. Can it be done? Yes and no.

In the AMD camp, a lot of servers using socket 940 and desktops with socket 939 motherboards will be upgradeable with little more than a BIOS upgrade and a new dual-core CPU. There are some exceptions to this rule, but if you have a recent socket 939 motherboard, it shouldn't be hard to check whether you can upgrade to dual-core should you want.

If we wander away from AMD and into the Intel camp, it's a different story. If you've got an LGA775 based board, don't immediately assume that your motherboard has dual-core support. You'll need an i955 or i945 chipset for dual-core capabilities.

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