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Control your home the way you want

Somfy provides you with all smart solutions to control your daily life

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Connected home by Somfy

Indoor blinds, Curtains, lights, heating, gates, garage doors, cameras, alarms... connect and manage them, whenever you want, at home or remotely. TaHoma will help you make the most of your home, in a simple, reliable, and integrated way.

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One platform, thousands of options

TaHoma allows you to manage your key home devices: 200 product ranges (e.g. doors, windows, shutters, blinds, gates, garage doors, heating, lighting, surveillance cameras, and alarm systems), from Somfy and its 19 partners brands, with 2 compatible services and 4 protocols (io-homecontrol, RTS and Zigbee).

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An open and evolutive solution

TaHoma is currently one of the most complete platforms on the market. It makes your life easier and provides you with additional well-being, safety and energy savings. Somfy selects its partners for the quality and reliability of their offers

Connected camera: deterrence,surveillance and security

Somfy provide security cameras that meet your needs. From outdoor, indoor and all in one cameras, Somfy has the security solution for every home.

All the images the camera records are stored in the cloud or on your own Dropbox. As soon as the camera detects a movement, it will immediately start recording and you'll recieve a push message on your smartphone. You can watch live, check the recording and download those images for free.

CCTV Wall mount

A discreet and elegant wall mount to hang your Somfy Security Camera up high, right on your wall. Robust metal construction.

Somfy Outdoor Camera

Scare off burglars with smart motion detection and a siren. The Somfy outdoor camera does more than just keep an eye on things. As soon as anyone comes near your home, you will immediately receive a warning on your smartphone. You can even use your smartphone to talk to the intruder. If that's not enough, via the app you can activate a very loud siren as a deterrent. And if it detects any movement, the camera will start recording immediately.

Somfy Indoor Camera

With the Somfy Security Camera, nothing will escape you. Because this plug & play security camera records everything and sends you a push message if there's anything suspicious going on. And the great thing is that you can install the camera in under 10 minutes, and you can set it to communicate with your smartphone via the app.

Somfy One

With Somfy One, you have a smart security camera which does so much more than a standard camera. What about a motion detector which immediately registers suspicious activity? And don’t forget the loud siren which will keep away any intruder. And that feels safe.

Plug & play alarm systems, protecting all types of homes

Choose a reliable and effective system! Our solutions are designed to deter burglars before they break in thanks to vibration sensors and outdoor motion detectors.

Somfy One

With Somfy One, you have a smart security camera which does so much more than a standard camera. What about a motion detector which immediately registers suspicious activity? And don’t forget the loud siren which will keep away any intruder. And that feels safe.

Somfy One+

With the Somfy One + you’ll have everything you need in one go when it comes to your security and that's quite handy! The Somfy One + is a fully stand-alone system, you simply install it in a strategically smart spot, activate it using the Somfy Protect app, and you’re good to go!

Somfy Indoor Siren

As soon as an intrusion has been detected the indoor siren will start it’s 110dB siren to deter uninvited people. The indoor siren has a slim design and can be placed on any type of furniture in home. The indoor siren has extended tamper detection: as soon as the siren is moved, it will activate instantly. The siren will go off and you will receive a push notification.

Outdoor siren

The outdoor siren completes the Home Alarm and One packages by offering an effective outdoor home alarm device. Built-in deterrent orange flash. Automatically shuts off after 3 minutes. For outdoor use on any surface (IP 43). Audible confirmation of arming and disarming. Auto-protection if moved or removed when system is activated.

Security Key Fob

Key fob automatically disarms your alarm and recognizes authorized users. It replaces the keypad used with more traditional security systems, which helps to avoid accidentally setting off the alarm.

Smart home: simplify you life with TaHoma

A click on your smartphone is all it takes to close the shutters, switch on the lights, open the garage door and gate.

Somfy Home Alarm Security System Kit

With this comprehensive smart alarm system, you can protect every nook and cranny in your house, the motion detector and the three door and window sensors that come as standard immediately send a push message to your smartphone if there is a burglary. A loud siren goes off at the same time.

• 1x Link • 3x Intellitag
• 1x Indoor Siren • 2x Key Fob
• 1x Motion Detector  

Somfy Home Alarm Premium - Smart Alarm System

For your convenience, you get two special key fobs that you can use to switch the alarm on and off. Even better, as soon as you get close to your house, the system ‘sees’ that you’re standing in front of the door and is automatically switched off. Which is really useful if you happen to have your hands full.

• 1x Link • 3x Motion Detector
• 1x Indoor Siren • 2x Intellitag
• 1x Outdoor Siren • Key Fob

Somfy Tahoma Smart Hub

With the new TaHoma® application, Somfy places real, condensed, technological control into your hands. Tahoma simplifes the control of multiple home devices. It’s so intuitive to use, why wait? Accessible over the internet, via a computer, smartphone or tablet, with the TaHoma® interface, you have touch control of blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment, heating, garage doors and gates, etc. In short, your environment moves with you, so regardless of where you are, in the house, on vacation or at work... you are always at home.

Smart home accessories; Get the most out of your home

Simplify your life with Somfy smart home accessories.
From radiator valves to automatic roller blinds, Somfy smart home accessories can be controlled from a TaHoma Smart Hub.

DIY Automation Kit for roller blinds

With the Somfy DIY Automation Kit, you can easily convert your existing roller blind and immediately have all the modern conveniences of electric roller blinds. The kit comes with all the necessary fittings and equipment and instructions to ensure a smooth installation. The motor is also compatible with Somfy TaHoma with all Smart Home capabilities at your fingertips.

Somfy Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Using the Somfy Thermostatic Radiator Valve you can have the right temperature in every room. Simply change the desired temperature on the valve or using the Somfy TaHoma.

Somfy IntelliTAG Window/Door Sensor

Only IntelliTAG™ uses multiple sensors and an advanced algorithm to analyze vibration patterns and detect the first sign of a break-in BEFORE a door or window is opened.

Somfy Protect Home Motion Sensor

This simple and easy-to-install device detects and analyzes movement inside your home. No more false alerts! Compatible with pets weighing less than 25 kg.