Razer Tomahawk

Mid-Tower ATX and Mini-ITX PC Case

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Build it. Change it. Perfect it.

To build the ultimate gaming desktop, it begins with a frame that can support the performance within. Meet the Razer Tomahawk ATX and Mini-ITX—gaming chassis that exude both form and function, equipped with premium features to accommodate your idea of the perfect rig, whatever it may be.

Built for minimalist and streamlined setups, this mini-ITX gaming case with built-in cable management makes no compromise on performance—supporting full-size graphics cards and liquid cooling.

For those who constantly seek to push the power of their PC, this mid-tower ATX gaming case with built-in cable management offers ample room for expandability to open up a whole host of performance options.

Blade Stealth 13

Dual-sided tempered glass swivel doors

Installing new parts has never been this convenient or straightforward, with forward-opening doors that can also be detached for more room to focus on your build. Made of tough, tempered glass, they offer the perfect protection while showing off the power and performance of Chroma-enabled hardware within.

Maximum cooling. Maximum performance.

Ventialted top panel

Both the mini-ITX and mid-tower ATX gaming cases are designed for optimized air cooling—venting heat not only from the rear, but also from the top as it pulls in cool air from the front and base.

Liquid cooling support

Whether you’re using a custom or All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler, the Mini-ITX has enough room to support up to 240mm radiators, while the ATX can fit up to 360mm to maximize the cooling capabilities of your rig.

Built-in dust filters

The Razer Tomahawk ensures a clean airflow that blocks out large dust particles, preventing them from reaching mission-critical parts for easier maintenance and increased longevity of your system.

Front panel connectivity

The Razer Tomahawk’s front panel is designed for convenient setup, sporting the latest USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port for faster connection with the latest devices, a dedicated mic port for streamers, a headphone port, and 2 standard USB Type-A ports.

Powered by Razer Chroma™ RGB

To complement the Chroma-enabled hardware inside, both our mini-ITX and mid-tower ATX gaming cases have a sleek underglow integrated into their engineering. With 16.8 million colors and a suite of effects, sync it up with the rest of your battlestation and enjoy greater immersion as it dynamically reacts with over 150 integrated games.

Razer Tomahawk PC Gaming Case