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The QNAP’s TS-451+ 4 bay NAS unit is one of the most popular home user NAS units on the market today. The Intel Quad Core powered unit provides an uncompromising high performance and scalable solution for home users. It is the perfect NAS for an easy to use yet powerful solution for data back-up, file synchronisation and sharing, remote access and multimedia applications, it is ideal for home users looking to create a secure private cloud to access their data easily.

The TS-251D 2 Bay NAS unit integrates secure data storage and multimedia entertainment into one device. The TS-251D is rare among its competition in that is has a spare PCIe slot, allowing for future expansion or upgrades in storage, performance and/or networking connectivity as required.

The TS-251D can be used with QNAP’s smart AI photo management application, QuMagie, which integrates AI image recognition to group similar photos together in albums. The TS-251D also features an HDMI slot to stream multimedia throughout your home and supports dual-channel hardware decoding and transcoding, allowing you to view NAS media files smoothly across various devices.

When pairing either unit with Toshiba’s N300 NAS specific Hard Drives you create a highly reliable, data secure, storage dense and cost-efficient solution. If focusing on the media management of the TS-251D then you can be safe in the knowledge that all your precious videos and photos are stored in a safe and secure manner, on Hard Drives designed for 24/7 use and under a RAID 1 protection, while still providing the performance required for video transcoding.

When used in the 4 Bay TS-451+, you can utilise RAID 5 or even RAID 6 protection, and with the drive capacities ranging from 4TB all the way up to 18TB, there is amazing potential to create a very large storage pool in a very small footprint. The N300 range features integrated RV (Rotational Vibration) Sensors that minimise the effects of vibration that affects drive performances in multi-bay NAS units.

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