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Create Powerful VR Experiences

Step into the world of Virtual Reality with the Vuze Camera. Take your classroom to exciting new locations, wondrous scenes and most importantly, have them create something amazing. Part of the VR Horizons package, HumanEyes are proud to bring this advancement in filmmaking and photography to classrooms worldwide.

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Borderless Creativity

The Vuze Camera is the best way for you and your students to start creating vivid, 4K 3D VR videos to begin working within a new medium of video and photography. Fitted with eight different, Full HD Sony sensors, you can capture where you are, in its entirety. Its spherical design allows you to capture unique shots without compromising for angles, and with its 1/4”-20 thread, using Vuze accessories and other support gives your class the flexibility and stability when capturing content.

High Quality Immersive Experiences

Vuze will connect to your phone via the Vuze App (available on iOS and Android devices) so you can use it as a viewfinder, without having to touch the Vuze itself and risking wobbly panoramas. The app will also manageyour files too.

By connecting the camera to a Mac or PC, you'll be able to access Vuze Studio, which will let you stitch together individual images into a seamless spherical format to share online, giving your classes the experience they’ll learn about the 360-degree video workflow and social media to their full extent.


Classroom friendly features

Classrooms shouldn’t be limited in technology and neither should they be by their budget, as with the Vuze Camera, VR is just a step away with affordable pricing.

To bring your classes and students to another level, contact our Corporate Sales Team.

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