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Capture perfection


Collaborative Innovation

A creative team of thrill seekers, mould breakers and disruptive thinkers, PolarPro have developed and created a range of professional filters and Matte Box solutions as innovative as they are.

Working closely with their selected industry- leading Photographers and Videographers, PolarPro know first-hand the importance of the right tools for professionals creating epic content in the field; ensuring their filters and Pro-Systems preform in the most demanding of situations and environments.

Trick of the light

PolarPro’s Filters are delivered across two ranges, The Quartz Line and Peter McKinnon VNDs.

The Quartz Series

The Quartz Series offers CP and ND/ PL filters that all feature:

• Fused Quartz glass element; that resolves up to 400-megapixel sensors
• Brass frame for smooth threading and increased durability
• Perfect colour neutrality and zero colour shift
• 16 coating layers including Anti- scratch, anti-oil and hydrophobic coatings
• Adventure Assurance – Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

Peter McKinnon VNDs

The Peter McKinnon VNDs are available in two variations: Signature Edition II; The gold standard of VNDs and the Mist Edition II; The industry’s only Diffusion + VND. Both editions feature:

• Availability in 2-5 and 6-9 stop variation
• Pre-set stop range that eliminates any change of cross-polarization
• Zero vignetting down to 16mm focal length lenses
• All variations include the new Defender360 case
• Both editions feature the new haptic feedback mechanism
• Adventure Assurance – Be satisfied with your PolarPro gear throughout your adventures or your money back.

Take your content to epic levels

Introducing the Industry’s lightest Matte Box System: Basecamp. A three-stage filter system designed to give maximum creative control; this Pro-System features a core which houses one rotatable circular filter and a single rectangular filter that can now be equipped with a third stage, expanding creative stacking capabilities with their diverse line up of filters.

Built with extreme conditions in mind, Basecamp is constructed for the most adventurous run and gun filmmakers. An aluminium frame ensures durability and touch free lens removal whist keeping the system extremely light weight, making it perfect for drone and gimbal use.

Basecamp Ultra-Light Matte Box is available across 6 kit variations from the core kit through to the stage 3 advanced and even custom kit options that include the ability to add different lenses, adapters, thread plates and rail mounts. Tailoring your Matte Box setup to your environment has never been so simple.

Reach for the Summit

The launch of the Summit landscape filter system continues PolarPro’s long-standing commitment to supporting the industry with innovative and optically superior products.

The minimalist form factor of the Summit filter system and design-forward lightweight aluminium construction, as compared to traditional landscape filter systems, makes for the most ideal kit for photographers who challenge the elements.

Re-invented aluminium frames – built onto each filter – will allow professionals to swap filters, without worrying about fingerprints. Ushering in a handful of new and innovative functionalities for landscape, fine art, and long-exposure photographers.

Not just a pretty picture

A forward-thinking company; PolarPro have made it their mission to ensure sustainability, longevity, responsibility and simplicity are at the core of their operation. Through using recyclable materials, offsetting their carbon emissions and reducing their packaging by nearly 75% all to help reduce their environmental impact.

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