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Blackmagic RAW

The latest codec to hit video brings the speed of video to the quality of RAW

The Next Generation of the RAW Codec

Don't get held down for wanting the best

RAW files are massive, taking up large quantities of space not only on your storage, but also within the processor, causing things to slow down. After a few years of tinkering, Blackmagic Design have engineered a new, updated and modern alternative to the RAW format, now available to be used in DaVinci Resolve 15.1

Used in Every Step

Take on high quality, lossless video without the unnecessary computing hog of wanting the best quality video. With its optimised GPU and CPU processing and expanded metadata, this makes Blackmagic RAW the first codec that can be used for almost every step in your production workflow.

Helps Processing

To help with ingesting the RAW files, Blackmagic RAW actually unloads part of the de-mosaic process onto the camera. This adjustment to the workflow allows video playback far quicker than before. With this, you also get the added bonus of faster ingest, as the BRAW file format brings better compression, while still retaining the excellent video quality you’ve come to expect.

Generation 4 Color Science

Blackmagic RAW harnesses the power of Generation 4 Color Science to create lifelike and accurate colours when grading. This gives skin tones that realistic look and it rivals cameras that might cost thousands of pounds more than the URSA Mini Pro. Using a 12-bit space, BRAW provides the most flexible, non-destructive colour correcting solution to date. As it uses metadata over LUTs, the pixel data is left as close to its original state as possible.

Blackmagic RAW Player

When viewing BRAW files, you’ll want the dedicated Blackmagic RAW Player. Whereas with older RAW formats would struggle to display correctly in traditional video players, the Blackmagic RAW Player takes the video’s metadata and information contained within, bringing you not only the super high quality video that BRAW brings to the table, but also plays smoothly on even older systems. (Currently only available on MacOS)

Source Development Kit

Blackmagic have also provided the Blackmagic RAW SDK for users who are code savvy to make alterations, giving these particular users access to information relating to the camera’s sensor, colour space transformation and all embedded, sidecar metadata. There’s also access to I/O trimming, preview scaling and more inside the SDK, which is available for free.

Blackmagic RAW is available on Windows, Mac or Linux.

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