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Episode 003 – Arturia Matrixbrute / TMS Productions / Tascam

Arturia Matrixbrute

Arturia's all-analogue Matrixbrute is easily the years most anticipated synth release, taking inspiration from its' Minibrute and Microbrute brethren, it creates a behemoth that could proudly sit in place at the centre of any digital studio, acting as an gateway to the rest of the analogue realm. You can really hear the nuances of the synth, not just someone talking about it in this 30 minute demo, plus a bonus 10 minute aftershow segment of Alex putting it through its paces. Less talking, more all-analogue-audio!

TMS Productions

Vocal Production on Jess Glynne's UK#1 single "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" Want to know how vocals are processed on serious hit records? TMS are the UK's premier pop production outfit, having produced for the likes of Emeli Sande, G-Easy, One Direction, Little Mix, Cher, Sigma and Professor Green. Tom "Froe" Barnes lifts the lid on their production methodology using their Universal Audio Apollo and UAD Cards, he shows us the plugin chain used to get the finished Jess Glynne vocal.

Tascam US-32 & US-42

Personal Broadcasting interfaces. Tascam dropped us off prototypes of a new family of interfaces designed specifically for Internet broadcasting. PC / Mac / iPhone / iPad compatible, these will give your Periscope, Facebook, Twitch and Youtube livestreams a serious audio makeover. Plus Tom gets his hands on the Rupert Neve RNHP & Korg Volca FM Synth.

Episode 002 – "Migrating To Studio One" / Novation Circuit Components

Presonus & Studio One Expert

We all know that learning new software can often be a tricky task and many people are reluctant to change their DAW software, due to the amount of "downtime" generated when they are learning and not making music.
Lee Boylan from PreSonus and Studio One Expert’s Russ Hughes join us in the studio to show us how easy it is to get up and running when you are used to other software.

Novation Circuit

Novation’s super portable Circuit synth has just had a major upgrade, including the ability to import your own custom sounds.
Earlier in the week, Novation’s Mark Lowes stopped by at the studio to show us the extent of the new features and how you can use circuit in a production context.

Episode 001 – Steinberg Cubase Masterclass / Marshall Jefferson / Aalberg Audio

Steinberg Cubase Masterclass: "How to get that big club sound in the box"

From Sound Design, Production and all the way to Mastering, learn tips and tricks from bass music producer and mastering engineer DJ Sappo on how to make your productions stand out and your tracks sound great in the club using Cubase Pro 8.5.

Marshall Jefferson

With a busy DJ and studio schedule for over 30 years, we catch up with the legendary house producer, behind hits such as "Move Your Body" and CeCe Rogers’ "Someday" to talk about his favourite pieces of studio kit and the justification for his current headphone obsession.

Aalberg Audio

Aalberg Audio’s Pedals not only sound great, they are controllable in an incredibly unique way, Rick stops by the studio to let us into the secret.

Episode 000 – Korg Minilogue / TMS Productions - UA Console Guide

Luke Edwards - Korg

Korg’s Luke Edwards demonstrates the Minilogue, a 4 note, 2 oscillator Analogue Polysynth with over 200 program memories, which can also send and receive Midi Controller messages for control from your DAW software, which is fantastic news for everyone looking to integrate a pure analogue sound source into a digital production setup. The £449 Minilogue has an admirable featureset which also includes a 16 step sequencer, cross modulation options and a lovely wooden rear panel for that future retro look, which it completes with its own OLED oscilloscope display.

TMS Productions – Recording with UA Apollo Console

Ever wondered what top vocalists actually hear in their headphones when recording? This is your chance to find out as we visit the studio of pop superproducers TMS, where Ben Kohn take time to show us how they use the Universal Audio Apollo console application and break down in detail the vocal monitoring effect chain that they use when recording acts such as Little Mix, Professor Green, Emeli Sande, One Direction, Jess Glynne, The Vamps & Rita Ora.