Lag-free performance and powerful sound

Razer wired and wireless gaming headsets


RAZER Gaming Headsets

Whether you're looking at in-ear earphones or headsets, enjoy lag-free audio performance and powerful sound from a full suite of gaming audio options for PC and console

Razer Blackshark Family

Geared for esports and PC Gaming, the BlackShark family is designed for pure performance—a triple threat of amazing audio, superior mic clarity, and supreme sound isolation.

Razer Kaira Family

Whether your setup is next-gen or this-gen, our offerings are made to help you dominate your domain. Find out more to settle on a choice that truly suits you.

Razer Kraken & Kraken Kitty Family

To own a Kraken is to know what immersive gaming sounds like, and we’ve never lost sight of what it’s always gotten right—realistic sound powered by custom-tuned audio drivers, incredible comfort, and long-lasting durability.

Razer Barracuda Family

The Barracuda X represents incredible versatility as the only headset you’d need to play them all, featuring 4-in-1 wireless compatibility across PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Android Devices.

Razer Blackshark Family

Razer Kaira Family

Razer Kraken Family