Cooler in Colour

Razer Hanbo & Kunai Cooling

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Cooler in Colour

Keep your CPU temperature low at any load with the Razer Hanbo all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler designed for maximum thermal performance. The Razer Hanbo effectively draws in or vents out air while maintaining a low noise profile, while its addressable RGB lighting produces brighter, more refined lighting effects powered by Razer Chroma RGB.

Whether you need maximum airflow to run the latest games, or want it to operate quietly while being idle, you can adjust the Razer Hanbo’s fan speed directly with our Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Fan Controller. You can also unlock ultimate addressable RGB customisation with 16.8 million colours, light patterns, and effects which react to your gameplay -giving you the world’s largest lighting ecosystem - controllable in a single platform. The Razer Hanbo is also available in an addressable RGB Pump Cap version, so you can personalise your cooler further with Razer Chroma RGB software.

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Light up the air

Get form and function that blows you away. Meet the Razer Kunai - RGB case fans with high airflow powered by Razer Chroma RGB with fan blade technology inspired by elite military aircraft for stealthy, high static pressure cooling and addressable LEDs for unique case designs.

Featuring high static pressure performance and lowered acoustics, the Razer Kunai is the perfect choice for gaming PCs. You can control whether you need maximum airflow to cool your PC or run quietly at lower RPMs with the PWM fan controller, allowing you to conveniently adjust fan speed based on your needs. It is possible to daisy chain and connect up to eight Razer Kunai fans to the PWM and addressable RGB controllers to create immersive lighting effects, using 16.8 million colours and immersive light patterns which react to your gameplay. All supported by Razer Synapse software for ultimate customisation.