Everything clicks

NZXT Function and Lift elevate every space and seamlessly complement your aesthetic

Form and Function

The NZXT Function Keyboard is aesthetically sleek, hot-swappable, and available in three versatile sizes to suit any space and use-case.


Unstoppably Swappable

Hot-swappable sockets at every keyswitch position allow you to change out any MX compatible switches. Standard bottom row design means you can swap to third party keycaps at any time.

Mechanical Switches

Choose between different mechanical switches depending on your preferences and/or use cases:

Linear Switches

Smooth and linear actuation, a perfect choice for gamers.

Tactile Switches

A light bump can be felt when the switch is actuated.

Clicky Switches

When this switch is actuated, both a bump can be felt and a soft click sound will be heard.


Volume Wheel & Mute Button

Easy access to audio adjustments.

Brightness Button

Screen brightness adjustments right at your fingertips.

Detachable USB-C Cable

Customizable lightweight paracord cable.

Four Profile Keys

Enables you to switch between the onboard profiles.

Aluminum Top Plate

For durability and sleek design.

Removable Wrist Rest*

To customize your comfort preference.
*Not included with MiniTKL size.

Size without Compromise

The innovative MiniTKL form factor packs all of the keys of a tenkeyless keyboard into the smallest size possible, maximizing your space for mouse movement.

A light Lift

Step up your game with a lightweight mouse that goes the distance. Lift's lightweight design and low-drag cable enable quick movement, while the high-end optical sensor provides accurate in-game performance.

Lightweight Design

The lightweight (67g) design enables fast and accurate movements for better in-game performance and minimized hand fatigue. The Lift is ambidextrously shaped with a low-drag paracord cable, ensuring it complements your playstyle without holding your back.

Ready to Game

High-end optical sensor

Enables high-speed tracking and accuracy with up to 16,000 DPI.

Mechanical switch buttons

Enjoy long-lasting durability with Omron mechanical switches.

NZXT Function 2

NZXT Lift 2