Hue 2 Ambient RGB Lighting Kit

Immersive Desktop Lighting System

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Hue 2 RGB Lighting Kit

With four separate channels, individually addressable RGB LEDs, and a variety of compatible accessories, the HUE 2 RGB lighting kit takes PC lighting to the next level. The HUE 2 is powered by CAM, so it’s easy to change modes, sync lighting effects, and express your creativity with the perfect lighting for your build.

Elegant RGB Lighting

You get the HUE 2 ambient lighting controller with two independent channels and eight LED strips of various lengths with up to 10 LEDs per strip. Using the ambient lighting mode, the colors from the edges of your screen are projected from the back of your monitor for an even more immersive gaming experience.

Easy To Install and Use

The controller and the RGB LED strips can be easily attached on the back of your display and the external power adapter streamlines cable management. Controls are fully digital using CAM’s intuitive dashboard.

Digital Control Through CAM

Using CAM’s intuitive interface, you’ll have full control over your RGB lighting, including synchronization across other HUE 2 accessories*. Numerous preset effects, along with both smart and custom lighting modes, let you express your creativity without constraints.