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Get the ultimate competitive advantage

Dare to Dive In

What happens when 70+ years of audio expertise meets gaming? Player-ready sound that puts you in the centre of the action, giving you the ultimate competitive advantage. With hyper-accurate, immersive sound that reveals every detail of the world around you. Bring every game to life, and never miss another step, shot, or jump.

JBL Quantum range features

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Extra-large, lightweight drivers tuned by JBL experts provide the best audio in gaming, so you'll always have an edge.


Adding overhead channels to immerse you in cinematic sound like never before, so you can hear every detail.*


Unique PC software makes it easy to personalise your headset. Create separate user profiles, modify microphone settings, adjust EQ, RGB and more.**

JBL Quantum range features

QuantumSPHERE 360™

The integrated head-tracking technology provides you with next-gen accuracy audio positioning and a fixed, independent soundscape, to keep you aware of your surroundings in the game.***

Active Noise Cancelling

Eliminate unwanted sounds around you, to remain fully engaged in your mission without distractions.****

Ultra-low latency wireless

A split-second can be all it takes between life and death. JBL Quantum’s 2.4 GHz wireless connection means you’ll always stay connected with zero lag.

Long battery life and speed charge

Quantum headsets can keep up with your marathon gaming sessions and if you still need extra time, speed charge means you can get an extra hour of playback from 5 minutes charge.

Ultimate comfort

Lightweight, durable headbands and premium memory foam ear cushions are designed for total comfort, no matter how long you play.

Directional microphones

Be heard loud and clear. JBL Quantum console directional microphones zero in on your voice, so your team will never miss a word.

*Not available on JBL Quantum 100 and 350 headset **Not compatible with JBL Quantum 100 ***Available only on JBL Quantum 910 ****Available only on JBL Quantum 910 and 810 headsets

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