NVIDIA MAX-Q Gaming Laptops

Max-Q is an innovative approach to crafting the world's thinnest, fastest, quietest gaming laptops

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Thin, for the win

NVIDIA Max-Q designed laptops hit the sweet spot of ultimate NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX gaming and impossibly sleek design. Finally, a gaming laptop you can put on your lap.

Game performance in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Discover unprecedented performance in thin gaming laptops.

GeForce GTX systems

*Performance average across AAA titles at 4K, high settings

GeForce GTX systems
GeForce GTX systems

Ultimate gaming. Impossibly sleek.

Get the power and performance to take on any game, anywhere. Gear up and slim down with gaming laptops designed with Max-Q. This innovative technology squeezes all the performance of GeForce GTX GPUs into the world’s fastest, quietest laptops as thin as 17 mm. Finally, a gaming laptop you can put on your lap.

An innovative approach to laptop design

Designing for Max-Q is a holistic approach. Everything’s engineered for the ultimate thin gaming laptop experience, including the laptop, chip, drivers, thermal and electrical components, and more.

GeForce GTX systems

More performance less noise

Laptops designed with Max-Q have some of the best acoustics in gaming laptops today with a target maximum of 40 dBA.¹

1. Measured 25 cm from above the laptop during typical gaming loads at typical room temperatures

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