NETGEAR Homeplug Powerline Adapters

Powerful Gigabit Wired Connection

Get Connected with Powerline

Extend your internet access to any power outlet. NETGEAR Powerline is the easiest way to extend your internet connection without running long wires. Just plug into any electrical outlet then plug into your existing network connection and you have a wired network using your electircal wiring. It's that easy!

Game Consoles

Avoid lag and interference by using a wired connection with Powerline throughout your home. Simply plug into an electrical outlet and conect your console to the Ethernet port to get fast, wired Internet, so you can stay connected.

Smart TVs and Players

Smart TVs and Players Whether you're connecting your TV, Blu-ray™ or media player, you can avoid the hassle of running extra network wires. No need to rely on WiFi to watch your favorites movies and TV shows. Connect your TV or media player to the Powerline and enjoy wired Internet instantly.

Reliable Home Networking

Building construction such as bricks, metal or distance can cause your home to work against your wireless network. With a powerline network you can stop worrying and start enjoying your reliable connected life.

4K Video? No Problem.

NETGEAR Powerline adapters are lighthning fast and can deliver over 1Gbps speeds with the latest Homeplug AV2 technology. Streaming 4K video, online gaming, or home security video monitoring. No problem we got you covered!

Powerline Homeplugs