MSI Gaming Peripherals

Complete your gaming setup with the best gaming peripherals from MSI

Huge range of MSI gaming peripherals

Choose from a range of award winning gaming mice, keyboards and headset peripherals that are compatible with the exclusive Dragon Center software.

MSI GK Series Keyboards

The ergonomic design of the MSI GK series keyboards keeps you effortlessly comfortable at your gaming station. Experience speed, precision, and ultimate endurance with low-profile mechanical switches designed for typists or gamers. These stylish keyboards are slim and ever so lightweight, with durable brushed metal and matte keycaps for a contemporary look. Show your colours off with per-key RGB lighting from MSI Dragon Center software. Pick from a variety of immersive lighting effects by using the customize function.

MSI Gaming Keyboards


MSI GM Series Gaming Mice

Introducing the MSI GM series gaming mice, the perfect accessory to add to your setup. Tailored to professional gamers, the GM series has incredibly fast and precise tracking from thier optical sensors which also supports up to 6200 DPI and 1000Hz polling rate. Injected with double injection moulding, the dragon scale side grips ensure your hand will never slip. Alongside these features, there is a plethora of other in-demand features, the GM series are made for gamers who play to win, and need the right accessories to do so.

MSI Gaming Mice


MSI Gaming Headsets

MSI Gaming headsets features an inline controller for quick access to sound control. The foldable headband design ensures maximum comfort with soft ear cups and easy storage, especially in the tailor-made carrying pouch that is included to take the headset on the go with you! The unidirectional mic helps keep communication clear and is also detachable when you fancy relaxing with music. Select headsets includes RGB Mystic Lighting with millions of colours and various effects for you to choose from.

MSI Gaming Headsets


MSI Gaming Chairs

MSI Gaming Chairs are designed with ergonomic and comfort in mind. The gaming chairs also features neck and back support cushions, multi-angle armrest and adjustable backrest. Gamers will be able to adjust the chair to achieve their desired sitting posture. Sourcing the best in class premium material the gaming chairs are manufactured to not only look good in any setup but also to withstand long gaming sessions without feeling discomfort. The Iconic MSI Dragon emblem is very easily recognisable and represents a brand of trust for gamers and creators alike.

MSI Gaming Chairs


Key features about MSI Dragon Center

Mystic Lights

MSI Mystic Light provides you complete control of RGB lighting of your PC in one software, including your RGB motherboard / graphics card and PC case lighting. Look for products that are compatible with Mystic Light Sync to create and customise your own lightshow adding glowing vibes to your gaming setup.

One App for All

MSI Dragon Center is created to work with all compatible MSI devices. Whether it’s tracking your warranty, optimising your system performance or even customising your peripherals the software has been designed for ease of use.

Real-time Assistant

MSI Companion allows you to tweak settings anywhere, anytime and even in-game. It can be easily accessed by using the shortcut “CTRL+TAB” once you have the Dragon Center installed.

Thoughts about MSI Dragon Center


This little piece of software is so cool because it links up all your MSI products including, as you can see, the motherboard, the graphics card, the cooler, the keyboard, the mouse, and you can customise it fully any way you like.


Taking a closer look at the software it gives you the ability to sync every single device connected at the press of one single button. Different effects are selectable as well as the brightness and speed duration and sync, and all of the components do reveal more effects down to the very last motherboard LED can be customized individually.