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The definitive flight sim experience

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is finally here! Experience the whole world at your disposal, as well as realistic and real world weather and air traffic, in this groundbreaking new simulator. Take your experience to the next level with our range of flight simulator peripherals and accessories, including flight yokes, rudders & throttle quadrants. We also stock a full range of flight cockpits and accessories for those wanting a permanent solution.

Build your ultimate flight sim

Flight sticks & throttle yokes

Sure you can play Microsoft Flight Simulator with just a keyboard and mouse but for the best experience you need to have controls that match the real thing. All of these can be easily attached to an existing computer desk and easily removed when you are finished playing. See our full range of Flight sticks, throttles and yokes.

Our Recommendation

We suggest the Honeycomb ALPHA flight yoke. It offers ultra high quality movement and materials, along with the option to upgrade and add modules as you go. The perfect starter to the ultimate flight sim build.


Flight accesories & frames mounts

Got a bit more space or dont have a suitable desk? We offer multiple options for free standing cockpits and monitors so you can set up anywhere. These allow you to permanently attach your peripherals so they are ready to go at a moments notice can generally be folded up after use to save space.

Our Recommendation

The Next level Racing Flight stand offers an extremely sturdy but fold-able design with options for all popular configurations. Plus, later on you can add accessories like a fixed flight seat, triple monitor stand or even a Motion platform.


Dedicated flight seated cockpits

For the ultimate Flight Simulator 2020 experience climb into your own dedicated cockpit. Best experienced with a triple monitor setup or even with a VR headset (coming to FS 2020 in 2021). For added realism you can experience movement with a motion platform.

Our Ultimate Setup

Experience everything Flight simulator 2020 has to offer with your own motion cockpit. Feel the movement and vibrations of your plane on the runway and in the air. Add together the Next level Racing GT ultimate cockpit, Motion platform V3, Triple monitor stand for up to 3x 65" displays, and the Flight accessory pack along with your choice of peripherals to get as close as possible to 'being there'.

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