Intel SSD Data Center Family

Optimized for performance, reliability and endurance.

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What are Intel Data Center SSDs?

With unprecedented pressure to maximize performance delivery, reduce power use, and lower operating costs, our Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center range holds the key with two product groups covering SATA and PCIe SSDs. For the most intense workloads, we have developed the Intel® SSD Data Center range with the non-volatile memory express standard to take data center performance to new heights. The Intel® SSD Data Center range is designed for read and write intensive storage workloads at predictable rates for absolutely smooth data center operation. The performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the storage volumes you choose for your servers helps protect your reputation.

Why choose Intel SSDs?

Not all solid state drives are created equal. Using a consumer SSD in your data center can negate the benefits of the SSD. You need an SSD built and designed for cloud computing, intesive I/O and 24/7 opertation. Below are some of the key features why the Intel data center SSD range are more suited to enterprise applications.

5 Reasons to choose an Intel data center SSD

Intel SSD

Lifetime Endurance

Consumer SSDs are tested with typical PC workloads, but the Intel data center SSDs are tested for the most strenuous workloads. Exceptional endurance backed by a five-year warranty means your drive won't conk out, saving you on costly replacements.

Data Protection

End-to-end data protection checks, validates, and corrects data every step of the way, which helps ensure drive integrity and maximize uptime. You won’t find this feature in typical consumer SSDs.

Power-Loss Imminent Technology

With built-in Power Loss Imminent (PLI) technology and PLI check, the Intel data center SSDs detects a power outage as soon as it occurs and stores in-flight data, thereby reducing the potential for data loss even when the lights go out.

Data Center Drive Controller

Intel data center SSDs leverages an Intel drive controller designed specifically for data center workloads, without redundant hardware-based data compression. The result: a faster, purpose-built drive.

Always On, Always Amazing

Consumer SSDs aren't built to run 24/7, nor can they handle erratic workload spikes that are characteristic of data center I/O. Intel data center SSDs deliver 50us typical, 500us max read latencies 99.9% of the time.

Intel Optane SSDs

Based on 3D Xpoint technology, the Intel Optane SSD family delivers an industry leading combination of low latency, high endurance, Quality-of-Service and high throughput, the Intel Optane SSD is the first solution to combine the attributes of memory and storage. This innovative solution is optimized to break through storage bottlenecks by providing a new data tier. It accelerates applications for fast caching and storage, increasing scale per server and reducing transaction cost. Datacentres based on the latest Intel Xeon processors can now also deploy bigger and more affordable datasets to gain new insights from larger memory pools.

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