The New and improved Intel Core X series

More MHz and more cache make Intel's more powerful CPUs better than ever before

Core X-Series, Intel’s most powerful desktop processors

Featuring up to 18-cores, Core X processors provide the ultimate performance for PC enthusiasts and creative professionals. Choose from a wide range of Intel Core X processors and Core X-based 3XS PCs for the ultimate upgrade.

Key features of Intel® Core™ X-Series Processor Family

Intel Core X Processor Benefits:

  • Massively parallel processors aimed at digital creatives such as artists, engineers, video markers and musicians.
  • Lots of cores means you can multitask between lots of applications, such as playing games, streaming and encoding videos.
  • Supports more memory than standard desktop CPUs which is key for working with large datasets and high resolution graphics and video.

Intel Core X Key Features:

  • Up to 18-cores and 36-threads with HyperThreading technology
  • Up to 2666MHz quad-channel DDR4 memory
  • Up to 44 PCI-E 3.0 lanes for easy connectivity with graphics cards, RAID controllers and SSDs
  • New and improved smart cache architecture
  • New mesh architecture for faster and more efficient communication between cores
  • Unlocked multiplier for huge overclocks
  • Supports AVX-512 instructions for faster SIMD processing
  • DMI 3.0 link in Intel X299 chipset provides faster communication with other components

Core X Series Systems

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