Intel Aero Ready to Fly Quadcopter Drone

Combining tremendous capabilities & design flexibility intended to accelerate development of sophisticated drone applications

Get Aerodrone applications airborne quickly

Intel Aerodrone Connected to a Laptop

This quadcopter is a fully assembled development platform that combines the Intel® Aero Compute Board and the Intel® Aero Vision Accessory Kit with the Intel® Aero Flight Controller, GPS, compass, airframe, ESCs, motors, transmitter, and receiver. The only thing needed to start flying is a charged battery2.

Intel Aerodrone Connected to a Laptop

Powerful compute

This drone development platform is built around the Intel® Aero Compute Board running a quad-core Intel® Atom™ processor, offering performance in a low power envelope. Ample memory and expandable storage enable development of demanding in-flight applications.

Open source

Running embedded Linux built with Yocto Project, developers can customize with confidence. The platform also integrates ROS, MAVROS, MAVlink, and OpenCV libraries, for broader development support.

Enhanced Computer Vision

The integrated Intel® RealSense™ R200 camera with stereo vision 3D imaging and depth sensing offers developers a tool for developing advanced algorithms for collision avoidance, localization, and more.

Intel Aerodrone Connected to a Laptop
Intel Aerodrone Connected to a Laptop

Flexible and Extendable

This drone is fully assembled, flight tested and ready to fly. It is designed to be modified and is intended to support rapid drone application development from inception to deployment on a production drone.