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Don’t be limited by your hardware. Get a free 1TB SSD with selected AERO Creator laptops

Upgrade your way : Create Space

With AERO laptops you get versatility in the way you create and the way you upgrade. Whether you want to give your laptop a boost of power with an internal storage enhancement, or you prefer to plug in and play with an external enclosure, this promotion has you covered. Receive an Intel 660p 1TB SSD and ICY BOX Rugged External Enclosure for free with the purchase of selected AERO Creator laptops. Put it in, or leave it out. The choice is yours, either way, we create more space for your creative needs.

Promo dates:

19/02/2020 - 30/06/2020

Redemption dates:

19/02/2020 - 30/07/2020

Free Intel 660p 1TB SSD and ICY BOX Rugged enclosure

Empowered by Intel’s innovative Intel® QLC Technology, the Intel® SSD 660p offers higher capacities at a lower cost than TLC-based options.1 With PCIe*, the new SSD 660p skips SATA and its limitations to offer up to 2TB in one drive.

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