AERO: Creativity Starts Here

Gigabyte AERO laptops breaks the mould of powerful laptops with a sleek, elegant design that still packs a punch. Built for creators, the screen produces accurate, vivid colours that are ideal for video or photo editing, gamers will also find the specifications are more than capable for the majority of modern games.

Optimised for everything

By utilising Microsoft Azure AI, the AERO will optionally pull settings and preferences from other users that have uploaded their data to assist you while you work or game.

Take on any task

For the content creator who is struggling with dongles and a lack of ports from other brands, AERO not only features multiple USB-A ports, but also harnesses the power of Thunderbolt 3 for lightning quick transfers and a dedicated "Ultra High Speed II" Card Reader for ingesting footage without the need to pull out an adapter. (12 x faster than standard SD card readers)


NVIDIA Studio is a collection of software (APIs, drivers, SDKs) that have been curated by NVIDIA to boost performance in creative applications and allow the software to take on repetitive tasks like photo enhancements and colour matching.

Studio Drivers

A huge new feature for photographers and videographers, is GeForce cards now supporting 10-bit colour in OpenGL applications like the Adobe Suite and Autodesk programs. When connected to a supported monitor, the AERO can now be used to accurately grade photos, video and achieve incredible results in Autodesk’s 3D modelling suite, Maya

For those interested in working in a 10-bit workflow, you’ll want to look into a monitor that can do just that.

studio driver

Creativity Unleashed

But for content creation, how does this effect your workflow? With the new NVIDIA Studio you’ll find editing video in Premiere Pro 11-times faster and DaVinci Resolve sees a similar boost for colour grading and editing.

DaVinci Resolve

Get faster editing with NVIDIA Studio and accurate grading with the Pantone Cert’d panel


GPU-accelerated assistance for filters, blurs and perspective warp for a smoother experience

OBS & Streamlabs

NVENC encoder for faster, higher quality streams on the same system as the game being played

AERO 15 Black Chassis


AERO 15 Silver Chassis


AERO 17 Black Chassis


AERO models with AMOLED Screen


AERO models with HDR Screen


AERO models with High Refresh rate 1080p Screen