AERO 15 Creativity Starts Here

Microsoft Modern PC Ready

AERO already broke the “thick and heavy, extravagant aesthetics” traditional perceptions of a powerful laptop. To provide even further value, the all new AERO receives Microsoft Modern Pc certification approval, in addition with all the elements of a modern laptop, such as a light and thin chassis, instant power on, Cortana voice command and Windows Hello fingerprint log in security. Experience all the operating fluidity and secure user experience with the all new AERO.


OLED less than 1ms response time, no blur or lag


Blue Light less than 8%, no more discomfort in your eyes


At Computex 2019, NVIDIA announced a new range of laptops would be hitting running ‘NVIDIA Studio’, with these slew of systems being labelled ‘RTX Studio’. NVIDIA Studio is effectively, a collection of software (APIs, drivers, SDKs) that have been curated by NVIDIA to boost performance in creative applications and allow the software to utilise the various pieces supplied to take on repetitive tasks like accelerated up-resing, photo enhancements, colour matching, face tagging and style transfer.

Studio Drivers

Now, as of July 29th 2019, the Gigabyte Aero 15 will support the brand new drivers released to introduce this slew of new features onto the laptop, with a huge one being 10-bit colour support out of the GeForce card inside. GeForce cards have been able to achieve 10-bit colour only in full screen DirectX applications, but now OpenGL applications can take advantage of this boost in colour.

For those interested in working in a 10-bit workflow, you’ll want to look into a monitor that can do just that.

studio driver

Friendly AI: Faster experience and longer battery life

Optimized CPU/GPU loading for all apps through deep learning from Microsoft Azure AI. Creators and Pro-users just use their heavy loading programs and will feel them getting smoother.

Powerful 94Wh battery, 8.5 hours of use*

Why AERO 15 won the best notebook for the European Hardware Awards 2019

  • The Highest Performance with Core i9 & RTX 2070 Max-Q and AI.
  • The rare design on slim notebook with extra numeric keys.
  • The only one all 4K/FHD240Hz/144Hz with Pantone Calibration.
  • The best to have great performance or battery life with AI control.
  • Thin bezel design with solid CNC chassis to have solid frame cover.
  • The only thin bezel slim notebook with frame rubber protection.
  • Great RGB keyboard force feedback than any other competitors.
  • Good quality of headset AMP for external devices with Nahimic 3.
  • The only one slim notebook with rich USB3, Mini DP, Thunderbolt 3 and HDMI ports, SD card reader of 300MB/s of R/W bandwidth.

Creativity Unleashed

But for content creation, how does this effect your workflow? With the new NVIDIA Studio you’ll find editing video in Premiere Pro 11-times faster and DaVinci Resolve sees a similar boost for colour grading and editing.

DaVinci Resolve

Get faster editing with NVIDIA Studio and accurate grading with the Pantone Cert’d panel


GPU-accelerated assistance for filters, blurs and perspective warp for a smoother experience

OBS & Streamlabs

NVENC encoder for faster, higher quality streams on the same system as the game being played

Creator Laptops