Everything you need to enter the Sea of Thieves world

Sail the seas with the latest gaming peripherals and 3XS gaming PCs

Find that treasure booty and be the top pirate

Sea of Thieves is a cooperative multiplayer game where you and other players team up to sail the seas in the world of Sea of Thieves, embarking on quests, finding treasure on islands, fighting other pirates for that treasure and much more. Sea of Thieves is also a cross-platform game where Windows 10 and Xbox One users will be able to play with each other.

Gear up with our carefully selected pick of the best mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors and accessories to perfectly suit your needs. For the absolute best game play experience, we also have a range of recommended 3XS gaming PCs that will run Sea of Thieves.

Recommended Gaming Mice

A comfortable and solid mouse is needed to put you in the right direction when you are in-game. Whether you are navigating the ship and having to keep an eye out for obstacles or looking for the next pirate ship to rate for its booty. Here are our recommendations for gaming mice.

Recommended Gaming Keyboards

The adventures in Sea of Thieves will look to take you on vast adventures, which you need all the equipment for, like a compass as you need to know which direction, a spyglass for looking out for any pirates or islands, a shovel for digging treasure and so forth. Most of the items you will gather will be bound to your keys which will need quick access to and with a sturdy keyboard you’ll be pressing the right keys in the heat of the battles. Here are our recommendations for keyboards

Recommended Gaming Headsets

Sounds will always be important and especially in Sea of Thieves, hear how all the pirate sounds coming from yourself and crew that you sail with, hear the open sea and the waves crashing and hear the cannons going off as you fire them at the enemy. Here are our recommendations for headsets.

Recommended Gaming Monitors

Being an open world in Sea of Thieves, you can imagine how it would look, especially being on the Unreal Engine like Gears of War 4, Fortnite, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifrice and more. The sea, the clouds, islands, enemies and so forth looks absolutely glorious and colourful, giving you so much to see in the day and night. You want a nice fast and vibrant monitor that can give you all the full potential of the game. Here are our recommended monitors.

Recommended Gaming Accessories

The best accessories will enhance your Sea of Thieves experience. We have carefully selected our pick of accessories to complement the mice, keyboards and headsets.

Fight the dreaded Kraken with our 3XS Gaming PCs

We have carefully selected some of our custom 3XS PCs that will provide the absolute best gaming experience for Sea of Thieves. Enjoy the vast open world and beautiful surroundings in Sea of Thieves whether you explore the seas, the islands or even take on that beastly Kraken in epic proportions. You can also customise your own Sea of Thieves gaming PC using the link below.