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Blizzard's latest IP, Overwatch is a 6v6 team shooter with objective gameplay. Save the world by escorting payloads, capturing points, attacking and defending areas with a range of tanks, offensive, defensive and support heroes like Winston, Tracer, Ana and many more.

Gear up with our carefully selected pick of the best mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors and accessories to perfectly suit the needs of Overwatch's fast paced team-based gameplay. For the absolute best game play experience, we also have a range of recommended 3XS gaming PCs that will run Overwatch smoothly and beautifully.

Recommended Gaming Mice

As Overwatch is a First-Person Shooter, the mouse is one of the most important Peripherals. Aiming is key if you are to take down agile opponents like Reaper or Lucio. You need a high quality sensor for fast, precise movement to make every shot count. You need enough buttons to give you instant access to your most important actions, but not too many so that you are pressing the wrong ones in an intense firefight. Our Recommended Mice for Overwatch is what you need to stay ahead of the game.

Recommended Gaming Keyboards

Overwatch is a fast moving game with abilities for each character and you have to be on point with your keyboard. Whether you’re flying through the air as Pharah, blinking through the map and dropping a Pulse Bomb with Tracer or cutting down the enemies with Genji’s Dragonblade. Fast movements on the WASD keys while simultaneously pressing other keys for changing weapons or jumping is a lot to ask for a standard keyboard without Anti-Ghosting and high n-key rollover.

Recommended Gaming Headsets

Overwatch has many different sounds and sound cues that you really need to listen out for. When Junkrat uses his Rip-Tire you need to hear which direction it is coming from or when Hanzo calls out that he is using his Dragonstrike then you definitely don’t want to be in the way! With the right headset you can stay ahead of the game. Our recommended headsets all offer outstanding audio quality as well as the best of the noise cancelling microphones so you can be sure you, and your team mates, won’t miss a thing.

Recommended Gaming Monitors

Overwatch is very colourful and detailed game that is put in to the characters, the abilities and the maps that you play on. With that being said, Overwatch is a competitive game that needs fast reactions and decision making, you need a monitor that can equal to that so you don’t fall behind when assaulting the control points or protecting the payload. Here is our recommended range of monitors that will keep on fighting in your matches.

Recommended Gaming Accessories

The best accessories will enhance your Overwatch experience to the next level. We have carefully selected our pick of accessories to complement the Mice, keyboards and headsets.

Save the World with our Gaming PCs

We have carefully selected each component to design our fixed PCs that will provide the absolute best gaming experience for Overwatch.

Doesn't any of our systems cover you? Not to worry, with hundreds of custom options available we got you covered. Visit our 3XS site where you can configure your next battle-ready weapon custom built gaming PC. Watercooled and overclocked options are also available.