Everything you need to enter the world of Heroes of the Storm

Get into the Nexus with the latest PC equipment

Teamwork is the key

Heroes of the Storm sees characters from all Blizzard classics such as Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft and Overwatch and more into one mega MOBA game and you have to work as a team on different battlegrounds to win.

Gear up with our carefully selected pick of the best mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors and accessories to perfectly suit the needs when playing on the Nexus. For the absolute best game play experience, we also have a range of recommended 3XS gaming PCs that will run Heroes of the Storm

Recommended Gaming Mice

We know that the mouse is the main peripheral that you need when you are on the Nexus. Trying to navigate the battlegrounds can be a mega job, when you're seeing what your teammates are up to on a part of the map, how much XP you've earned for the team and of course aiming abilities and skill shots, not to mention all that right-clicking of movement at the same time. This can put a lot of toll on your mouse. With our recommendations you find mice that can take the toll of how you play in Heroes of the Storm and last longer.

Recommended Gaming Keyboards

Along with the mice, the keyboard is very important for Heroes of the Storm. You need to know and feel when pressing the hotkeys down for abilities and items that it feels responsive and doesn't let you down in a situation. When you're trying to protect your allies with Abathur's Symbiosis or getting off a nice attacking combo with Diablo or becoming a raid boss with Ragnaros and utilising all his spells. With our recommendations of keyboards, every press of keys you do will feel like smooth and fluid.

Recommended Gaming Headsets

The in-game sounds and voicelines are some of the best you will hear in a game like Heroes of the Storm, with conversation lines that you wouldn't think possible between characters from different games. Also you need to hear what is going on in the battlegrounds, especially with different objectives on different maps, hearing when the Bell Towers are spawning on Towers of Doom or when the two Immortals are fighting on the Battlefield of Eternity this can be crucial and determine what you are going to do. Our recommendations will give you that clear crisp sound that you need to hear with all of the above.

Recommended Gaming Monitors

The action in Heroes of the Storm can be very fast and you need to see what is happening very quickly so a high hertz with a low refresh rate would be key for the battles that goes on. When you're not in too much of the action, then you can see the Battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm are some of the most beautiful and crafted maps around, seeing them on a nice sized monitor will do it a lot of justice. With our recommendations, Heroes of the Storm will look amazing and colourful in what ever you do.

Recommended Gaming Accessories

The best accessories will enhance your Heroes of the Storm experience to the next level. We have carefully selected our pick of accessories to complement the mice, keyboards and headsets

Brawl your way through with our 3XS Gaming PCs

We have carefully selected some of our custom 3XS PCs that will provide the absolute best gaming experience for Heroes of the Storm. Whether you want to see with all the abilities, champions and battlegrounds at ultra-quality or pushing for the absolute highest FPS, there is a 3XS gaming PC to meet your needs. You can also customise your own Heroes of the Storm gaming PC using the link below.