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The Dota series began in 2003 as just a mod and got popular over the years, then in 2010 Dota 2 was announced with the release in 2013.

Gear up with our carefully selected pick of the best mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors and accessories to perfectly suit the needs. For the absolute best game play experience, we also have a range of recommended 3XS gaming PCs that will run Dota 2.

Recommended Gaming Mice

In Dota 2, the mouse is the key to getting around the map by right-clicking a lot, aiming those spells and abilities with the heroes you play, flying that Courier around to buy the items you need from those Secret Shops and getting it delivered to you or getting those last creep hits perfectly. All of the above can really take a strain on what mouse you use so here are our recommendations to have a mouse that can handle the durability of the clicking but also feel nice and smooth in your hand.

Recommended Gaming Keyboards

Along with directing your abilities with your mouse, you need to select which abilities and items you have in your inventory that you are going to use, it is vital that every press of the keyboard counts if you're a hero like Magnus, especially if you try to get a Blink Dagger, Reverse Polarity & Skewer combo off. You want to have a keyboard that feels like your pressing is actually doing something in Dota 2. Here are our recommendations for you.

Recommended Gaming Headsets

Hearing the sounds in Dota 2 is crucial to making your next move during skirmishes on the map, whether your allies or enemies are using certain abilities that you might have to come in and deliver a killing blow or help save them from a killing blow. Hearing the characters talk in the game with their crazy voiceovers and also listening to the music and environment around you. Having a good headset will give you all of the above a lot more. Here are our recommendations.

Recommended Gaming Monitors

In Dota 2, you have quite a lot on the screen, the game, the map, the items, the heroes and so forth. You want a nice size monitor that can have everything on there but also be very fast and smooth when in the combat. A high refresh rate monitor that can show all the graphical power of your PC and the game. Here are our recommendations for monitors.

Recommended Gaming Accessories

The best accessories will enhance your Dota 2 experience to the next level. We have carefully selected our pick of accessories to complement the mice, keyboards and headsets.

Stop Roshan and grab the Aegis with our 3XS Gaming PCs

We have carefully selected some of our 3XS PCs that will provide the absolute best gaming experience for Dota 2. Dota 2 runs the Valve's Source engine so to see all the heroes, environment and abilities at best quality or pushing for the absolute highest FPS, there is a 3XS gaming PC to meet your needs. You can also customise your own Dota 2 gaming PC using the link below.