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Be game ready for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the latest instalment in the franchise and is one of the most anticipated PC games of 2017. Keep yourself up to date with the latest Destiny 2 products, news and patch notes in our News and Reviews section.

We have you covered with a full arsenal of kit to help you conquer your enemies! Gear up with our carefully selected pick of the best mice, keyboards, headsets, monitors and accessories to perfectly suit the needs of Destiny 2's fast paced gameplay. For the absolute best game play experience, we also have a range of recommended Destiny 2 3XS gaming PCs.

Recommended Gaming Mice

In Destiny 2 the mouse is one of the most important Peripherals. You need a high quality sensor for fast, precise movement to make every shot count. You need enough buttons to give you instant access to your most important actions, but not too many so that you are pressing the wrong ones in an intense firefight. Our Recommended Mice for Destiny 2 can give you the confidence to make 'THAT' shot right when its needed. Raids don't win themselves you know....

Recommended Gaming Keyboards

Destiny 2 is extremely demanding on your keyboard. The Vexx don’t care that you missed a key! Fast movements on the WASD keys while simultaneously pressing other keys for changing weapons or jumping is a lot to ask for a standard keyboard without Anti-Ghosting and high n-key rollover. Per key lighting is also extremely helpful as you only light the keys you assign a function to. This allows you to see what you want at a glance without the distraction of looking down and seeing 60 keys when you only need 10. Our recommended keyboards are selected specifically to give you the edge when playing Destiny 2.

Recommended Gaming Headsets

In Destiny 2 you will need your wits about you to survive. Hearing your enemy coming is one thing, but being able to hear exactly where they are coming from while behind cover in the European dead zone will give you a vital advantage. The best headsets offer a full surround sound experience that immerses you further into the game world than ever before. Our recommended headsets all offer outstanding audio quality as well as the best of the noise cancelling microphones so you can be sure you, and your team mates, won’t miss a thing.

Recommended Gaming Monitors

Destiny 2 is a first person shooter so requires fast movement and even faster reactions. Your monitor needs to have minimal input lag with the smoothest possible picture so you can target your enemies with pinpoint accuracy. Our recommended Destiny 2 monitors all feature higher than normal refresh rates as well as either NVIDIA G-sync or AMD freesync to eliminate screen tear giving you no excuses if you let your team down during a raid.

Recommended Gaming Accessories

The best accessories will enhance your Destiny 2 experience to the next level. We have carefully selected our pick of accessories to complement the Mice, keyboards and headsets.

Own the galaxy with a Destiny 2 gaming PC

Our custom 3XS PCs will provide you with the absolute best gaming experience for Destiny 2. Whether you want to battle Destiny 2 in 4K, with a multi-monitor setup or pushing for the absolute highest FPS, there is a 3XS Gaming PC or laptop to meet your needs. You can also customise your own Destiny 2 gaming PC using the links below.