Don’t replace. Renew.

No need to trash an old computer!
Save money and reduce e-waste by upgrading instead!

Upgrade and reduce e-waste

Thinking of trashing your slow computer? Think again!

An entirely new computer could run to hundreds if not thousands of pounds, whereas memory modules are comparatively inexpensive and can help an older processor work faster and support better multitasking. Similarly, internal solid state drives (SSDs) are another cost effective way to improve system performance without breaking the bank - they help to speed up system boots and file transfers and you have the option to increase storage capacity too.

Alternatively, if you need more storage but aren’t confident in opening your computer then choose a durable portable SSD for lightning fast reads/writes and and up to an extra 4TB of capacity - all with an easy-to-use USB connection.

With easy-to-install memory and storage upgrades from Crucial, you can save money and still get a system upgrade! As an added benefit, upgrading rather than replacing your system helps contribute to reducing e-waste - keeping your PC for even two extra years can reduce e-waste by as much as 40%.

Upgrade your DRAM


Upgrade your SSD