Level Up Your Stream

Elgato Streaming peripherals help gamers and streamers easily create great online content

Streaming with Elgato

You want to invest in your channel, up your production value, and grow your audience.
You need real gear. Quality tools. Streaming tech trusted by pros.

Elgato Streaming Peripherals

Elgato HD60 S DVR
1080p60fps | USB 3.0 | Instant Gameview

Stream and record your PS4, Xbox One, or Switch in stunning 1080p quality.
Works straight out of the box with your favourite software.

Watch the setup Video for Console


Stream Deck Mini
Customizable LCD Keys | Unlimited actions with folders

Instantly control your stream.
Engage viewers like never before.

Watch the setup Video with RageDarling


Green Screen
Wrinkle-resistant | Chroma keying optimized

Set up and pack up in seconds.
Professional chroma keying couldn’t be easier.

Watch the setup Video with RageDarling


Key Light
App-enabled | Ultra-bright and adjustable
Works with Stream Deck

Premium space-saving lighting with glare-free diffusion.
Control via the app and get onscreen feedback.