BTF: Back to the future

ASUS Hidden-Connector Design View Range

Introducing BTF:
An easy, clean approach to PC DIY

BTF represents a new direction that will lead the future of DIY. For as much as motherboards have changed over the years, one thing has stayed the same: everything plugs in and connects to one side of the board. With our BTF motherboards (Back-to-The-Future — pun very much intended) we’re reversing this decades-old paradigm. Components attach to the front; cables plug into the back. Leading to cleaner cable management and a more minimalist appearance.

BTF Hidden-connector design

With the combination of a BTF chassis and BTF motherboard, you can reliably hide all the cables that plugin to the motherboard, including power cables, 2.5” SATA drives, case fans, front-panel buttons, and I/O. A BTF PC build is ideal for first-time builders. Working from the back of the motherboard means less obstacles and not having to reach into the depths of your chassis at awkward angles to plug things in. Once your PC is complete, you’ll enjoy a clean, perfectly organised look that would normally require an expert PC builder.

Advanced BTF Design with high-power slot

The Advanced BTF Design not only hides all its connectors on the underside of the motherboard, select motherboards also have the capability to deliver up to 600 watts for BTF graphics cards through a graphics card high-power slot. This eliminates the need for unsightly 8-pin or 16-pin power cables, for a flawless showstopper build that presents your prized components without any distracting wires.

The new standard for showcase builds

The familiar everything-faces-one-way design of motherboards has served us well for decades. But it’s time for a new approach. For too long, gaming PC builders have resorted to every trick in the book to keep their cables neat and tidy. It’s time to hide those cables entirely.

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