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Whether gaming, graphics, audio, video or deep learning is your passion we have system ideally suited to your requirements, pre-built and ready for next-day delivery or collection from our retail store.

Order by 7:30pm for next day delivery

We build all our 3XS Systems in our state of the art factory in Lancashire. This ensures the highest build quality, rapid delivery and technical support for our customers. Sometimes you just need a PC right now. Maybe your existing PC has kicked the bucket or you’ve found that your old workhorse can’t cope with the latest game or application you’ve just installed. Either way, we pride ourselves on having our pre-built and tested systems delivered to you the next day providing you order before 7:30pm.

Quality from the ground up

Unlike other PC manufacturers we don't believe in using unbranded components. We're just as demanding as you are and expect our PCs to work reliably for years. For this reason we have over the years built up close relationships with key manufacturers, ensuring that your 3XS PC is built using only the finest quality components. We're open and honest about all the components used in our PCs with the brand and specification information available on the product listings.

Peace of mind

All 3XS PCs are covered by our Premium 3 Year Warranty. This means that if your system develops a fault in its first year we can send an engineer to your home or office to repair it. In the remaining two years of the warranty we'll still repair or replace any faulty parts, but do this from our state of the art factory in Lancashire. If you do encounter a problem with your PC our technical support team is available 7 days a week to help you solve any issues.

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3XS systems are designed and tailored to each customer’s needs – from home users to professional workstations and servers, they run the latest games and applications flawlessly.

Gaming PCs

We produce a huge range of desktop PCs at a variety of price points, each optimised for different games, VR and resolutions.

Gaming laptops

A gaming laptop is a great alternative to a gaming PC if you have limited space, travel frequently or go to a lot of LAN parties and gaming tournaments.

Home and Office PCs

A range of affordable desktop PCs designed for running office applications plus everyday tasks such as web browsing, accounts and email.


Choose a 3XS Systems workstation optimised for different workflows such as CAD, CAM, BIM, visualisation, VR, deep learning, making music, video editing and colour grading.

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PC components explained

We understand that it might not always be easy deciding on what new PC to go for. With so many different component combinations and options to go for it can be quite daunting. Below we have briefly explained what the main components in your new PC does, and what you should look out for in your quest to find the perfect PC.


Serving as the brain of any PC, the CPU or processor, is one of the most important components to consider when buying new system. The higher the GHz of the CPU, the faster its computing power, while CPUs with lots of cores are ideal for heavy workloads such as rendering graphics or running lots of applications at once.

Graphics Cards

Though many modern CPUs are equipped with integrated graphics, these are only really suitable for basic tasks such as web browsing and office applications. Therefore, all our gaming PCs and professional workstations include a separate graphics card so you can enjoy silky smooth frame rates in the latest games and graphics applications.


RAM acts a lot like our short term memory, remembering everything currently in use on the computer so it can be recalled quicker. For day-to-day computing tasks like managing spreadsheets and accessing emails, between 4GB to 8GB is sufficient, but newer games and design software will need more. We recommend 8GB to 16GB for a gaming PC, and 32GB or more if you looking at a workstation using large files.

Hard Drive

If you don’t have a NAS box or file server all desktops need a hard disk drive to store your documents, photos, videos and games. Hard drives are much slower than SSDs, but are available in larger capacities and are much cheaper per gigabyte of storage they provide..

Solid State Drive

Many of our PCs feature solid state drives, which use flash memory to read and write files much faster than traditional hard disk drives. What you lose in size, you gain in speed and reliability. This makes everyday computing alot more faster, whether it’s loading the latest game, or simply booting up the PC, an SSD does it faster.

Our most popular PCs

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Essential PC Accessories


Computer monitors come in many sizes but their main purpose is to display the graphics emanating from a computer.


Keyboards are a vital peripheral for PC users, and regardless of your budget it's important to pick the right one.


Not all mice are created equal so it’s important to choose the right mouse for what you’ll be using your PC for.


These devices enable you to listen to audio without disturbing others. Headphones can either be open- or closed-back.


Security software is designed to protect your computer from intrusion, monitor computer health status and provide system recovery.