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Pre-built and custom NAS boxes available from 3XS Systems

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What are 3XS NAS boxes?

NAS boxes are Network Attached Storage devices that plug into your network, enabling multiple PCs and laptops access to a large shared storage pool. NAS are suitable for both home and business use, ensuring your data stays safe and secure.

Benefits of 3XS NAS

Home and Business

Home and Business

Wide variety of models available each optimised for different users

Simple Setup

Simple to set up

Connect via Ethernet and easily manage via a secure web interface

Cost Effective

Cost effective

All-in-one hardware and solution at an affordable price

Configure Profiles

Configurable user profiles

Create user profiles with different access privileges, shared folders, user quotas

Schedule Backups

Scheduled backups

Automated backups for peace of mind without the hassle of manual backups

Expandable Size

Easily expandable

Add more drives and RAM as your requirements develop

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