Upgrade to Intel 14th gen Core

Boost performance with a motherboard bundle configured and tested by 3XS experts

Your Build, Our Expertise

Whether you are upgrading an existing PC, or building a new one, 3XS motherboard + CPU bundles are the best way to get all the benefits of a system upgrade while still keeping the build all your own.

We offer a range of hardware bundles featuring the latest Intel Core 14th gen CPUs, that have been designed and optimised by our 3XS experts. Bundles offer a choice of compatible motherboard, Core CPU and RAM and there’s also an option with a 2TB SSD featuring a pre-installed, genuine Windows 11 Home operating system to complete your upgrade.

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Raptor Lake

Intel Core 14th gen CPUs feature the latest Raptor lake architecture and offer the greatest experience yet when it comes to gaming, content creation and productivity. Each CPU provides high-performance P-cores, and efficient E-cores, each designed for different uses, to supercharge your workflows, whilst maximising performance per watt. Our 3XS Intel 14th gen bundles make upgrading your PC simple, from entry-level Core i3 to the flagship Core i9 14900KS CPU.


Guaranteed Compatibility

Our 3XS engineers select and match components ensuring they perform seamlessly together.


Mistakes Minimised

Components are assembled by a 3XS engineer so you can concentrate on the rest of the build.


Configured & Tested

3XS upgrade bundles are updated with the latest BIOS and intensively tested with a 24-hour burn test.

Choose your 3XS Intel Core 14th gen motherboard bundle from the below range

3XS Intel Hardware Bundles


3XS Intel Hardware Bundles w/ OS