over ear bluetooth

Closed Back Headphones

Closed back headphones are more coloured than open back designs, but also isolate the listener and restrict sound leakage. This makes them ideal for tracking, recording or even just for listening whilst outside of the studio.


DJ Headphones

Our DJ headphone selection are the headphones designed with live performance in mind. Normally this will mean that they have a closed back design for maximum isolation, as well as flexible joints which make it easy to wear in the "one cup on, one cup off" style, required when mixing and performing.


Headphone Accessories

Accessories to help your get the most from your headphones.


Headphone Bundle Offers

There are some products that fit perfectly with Headphones, and we've taken some of those and turned them in to 'Bundles'. These bundles are designed to be cheaper than if you bought the items seperately...


Hearing Protection

These days PA systems and amplifiers are capable of producing levels of sound that are potentially damaging to the ears. A good hearing protector will allow you to hear all frequencies clearly just at a reduced decibel level.


In-Ear Monitors (IEMs)

In ear monitors (I.E.M's) are flat response ear buds, designed to be easily concealed whilst still giving live musicians suitable audio monitoring during your performance.