(Scan were Viewsonic's 1st Customer back in 1987 - we still with them) Viewsonic remains one of the leading monitor display companies in the United States* and has won more than 3,000 awards from independent global publications and has leveraged its display expertise to develop the first products in several new industry categories. ViewSonic is the “Choice of Professionals” with over 25 million users worldwide and the most recommended computer display brand in the United States.

Media Players 8GB+

These players are able to playback most forms of audio and video files. Using flash memory, they are compact and with their colour screens, they give you the ultimate in a portable media player. Always check individual specifications to confirm the memory and media formats supported.


Specialist Commercial Displays

Our specialist range offers displays for more particular situations, allowing you to effectively take advantage of smaller or otherwise difficult spaces or display your content in new and dynamic ways. Digital signage today needs to be versatile and cost-effective, with an emphasis on maximising space and efficiency as there has been an increasing need to utilise niche spaces with effective and unique signage solutions.