Perfecting Acoustics Sustainably

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A leading force in the industry, founded in 2007 in Portugal, Vicoustic is found in over 70 countries around the world. They understand the unique sound dynamics of a room or venue. So, whether it’s a Home Cinema Hi-Fi to a professional sound system for radio and television, their expertise in peak acoustic performance is second-to-none.

The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions to meet the demands of spaces that require a sophisticated soundscape. Taking on board the high standards of their customers, they continuously strive to manufacture products of superior functionality, and adaptability, but all the while with a sustainable and environmentally conscious mindset.

Acoustic Panelling

A studio or control room for recording, mixing and mastering or broadcast should assure a clear and complete representation of the acoustic original message, without any distortions that could compromise its perception.

You must control first reflections, the back-wall diffusion and low frequencies in order to achieve proper acoustic conditions within your room, either it’s a control room, a recording booth, a home studio, a rehearsal room or a broadcast studio for TV or radio.

Vicoustic’s range of absorbers and diffusers help you to neutralize your acoustic environment in a controlled, effective manner.

VicBooth Ultra

VicBooth Ultra was specially developed for the music sector, where performers often need to find an isolated space to be able to produce their work. It is perfect for music professionals who need great acoustic results, sound insulation and versatility.

If you are looking for a space to rehearse, record or mix music or vocals with sound insulation and acoustic quality, VicBooth Ultra brings it all together. Achieving noise reduction levels of up to 30 decibels with only 1.1” thick walls, the Vicbooth Ultra is a modular system that allows you to design your own booth, growing it into different sizes and updating features when required.

VicBooth won the Good Design Award 2022 in Japan and the German Design Awards 2022 for outstanding design quality and acoustic treatment functionality.

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Acoustic Treatment

In General your recording and mixing will only be as good as your room will allow. Bass Traps, Acoustic panels and Diffusers, these are the tools used to absorbs frequencies and scatter others in different places. Here at Scan we offer some premium products designed to affect how the sound interacts with your room.