SpectraCal, located in the Seattle area is the world’s leading provider of video display calibration software for both professional and consumer needs. SpectraCal constantly drives innovations in the field, providing the tools and training necessary to achieve accurate digital images and assisting customers with the step-by-step process of screen optimization. The engineers at SpectraCal are constantly pioneering new methods for display calibration, providing innovative calibration technology that can be used with existing hardware devices. For example, the recently introduced VirtualForge Software Pattern Generator uses video adapters such as the Blackmagic Design DeckLink and the AJA Kona and T-Tap as pattern sources, providing an economical alternative to standalone generators.

Monitor Calibration

Camera reference targets, device calibration and professional displays are some of the tools we use in a colour-critical pipeline to maintain both the technical and artistic intentions of the imaging professional. The human eye is a remarkable organ, adapting to brightness and white balance colour shifts almost instantly. Unfortunately this ability can mask colour casts on displays. Relying on hardware calibration to known industry standards is the only way to maintain accurate colour rendering across digital devices. A properly calibrated monitor is an easy first step to achieving managed colour workflow. The effect of colour is both profound and subtle; viewing your shots in the correct colour space (source and target gamut) allows you to make decisions with confidence, and ensure your story gets told the way you intended. Contact Scan Pro Video for advice about colour managed workflow solutions.