SmallHD was started by a group of young filmmakers that recognized a need in the industry for a High Definition on-camera monitor solution. After winning several Doritos Superbowl commercial contests, the small group of friends from Cary, North Carolina, built the world's smallest true HD field monitor; SmallHD was born. SmallHD seeks to continue down the path of innovation, leading the on-camera monitor industry by bringing filmmakers affordable and professional field monitors. Known for outstanding customer support, SmallHD is driven by the needs and requests from their customers and filmmakers alike.

Cable Accessories

Video cable accessories to upgrade your workflow and get the most out of your equipment.


Field Monitoring Accessories

Accessories and spare parts for popular Field Recorder-Monitors from Atomos, Blackmagic, AJA and SmallHD.


Field Recorders-Monitors

When out on a shoot, it's not always easy to view the camera's built in LCD monitor on the back. It's either not bright enough or too small for a group of people to see, plus, usuallly has very basic features to help you actually monitor your current situation for lighting etc.

Atomos' range of field monitors can also double as recorders in some models, like the Ninja V, which allows you to bypass recording limits on DSLR and DSLM cameras for indefinite recording length and sometimes, a bump up in colour.

SmallHD is now part of the Teradek family, as such, a few of the models of monitors now come with Teradek Bolt functionality for wireless transmission, so you don't have to remain static when monitoring or even operating the camera itself.


GUI Monitors

This selection of monitors provide perfect GUI needs, as well as being solid monitors in themselves. High brightness, solid colours and all around great monitors to add to your workflow.


Monitor Calibration

Camera reference targets, device calibration and professional displays are some of the tools we use in a colour-critical pipeline to maintain both the technical and artistic intentions of the imaging professional. The human eye is a remarkable organ, adapting to brightness and white balance colour shifts almost instantly. Unfortunately this ability can mask colour casts on displays. Relying on hardware calibration to known industry standards is the only way to maintain accurate colour rendering across digital devices. A properly calibrated monitor is an easy first step to achieving managed colour workflow. The effect of colour is both profound and subtle; viewing your shots in the correct colour space (source and target gamut) allows you to make decisions with confidence, and ensure your story gets told the way you intended. Contact Scan Pro Video for advice about colour managed workflow solutions.


Professional Display Accessories

Keep the centre of your workspace visable at all times and take advantage of Thunderbolt 3 technologies to connect multiple monitors at once with just one wire.