SLR Magic

SLR Magic is a producer of optics based in Hong Kong. The range currently includes DSLR / compact system camera lenses, spotting scopes and related accessories. Lenses manufactured at the moment involve several mounts and formats, in particular designed for Sony E-mount, Micro four Thirds mount and fujifilm X mount.

EF Mount Lenses

Long standing, tried and true, the Canon EF Lens is perfect for any camera system via adapters or for Canon cameras themselves.



Enhance colours, reduce reflections or simply protect lenses with a wide range of filters for professional film and TV production.


Lens Adapters

Camera adapters enable the use of different types of camera lens mounts.


M4/3 Mount Lenses

Utilised by Panasonic and Blackmagic Design, these Micro Four-Thirds Lenses are compact and wide ranging in what they can provide. Perfect for video or photography alike, you'll find these to be the perfect fit for the Panasonic GH5 and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K


PL Mount Lenses

Developed by ARRI and adopted by multiple camera manufacturers, this lens mount provides high end cinema and production lenses for a wide variety of shoots.


Sony E-Mount Lenses

Versatile, high resolution and perfect for both photography or video, these Sony E-Mount lenses are ideal for adding to your Sony camera line up.