Intel CPU Air Coolers

From compact units that fit in the tightest confines to larger towers that offer better CPU temperatures and reduced noise there is a broad range of air coolers to choose from. Given the diversity, the air coolers here have at least one thing in common - they are all compatible with Intel CPUs.

As always, check that your chosen cooler is compatible with your specific CPUs socket, that it won't interfere with other components on your motherboard like RAM or heatsinks and that it will fit inside your case.

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Low Profile CPU Air Coolers

These air coolers are the most compact around, and are ideal for systems where space is at a premium, such as with mini-ITX builds or Home-Theatre PCs (HTPCs). Given that these coolers prioritise small size over performance, most are not suitable for high-end, overclocked CPUs.

Ensure you check that your selected cooler offers the cooling performance necessary to cool your processor, and whilst most provide multi-socket support, as always, check that your motherboard socket is supported.