For all users with high demands on precision, feel and functionality this is the mouse pad that delivers. The unique coating not only ensures that the mouse registers every detail of the smallest movement; it also gives you a better, smoother and nicer glide with very low friction. QPAD® Gamer works with all mice. The larger pads increase the precision of your work further since the size of your target equals the size of your mouse pad if you turn down the mouse sensitivity. An excellent choice if you are a hardcore gamer or work with other demanding tasks such as graphic design or large spreadsheets. QPAD is a hybrid. QPAD consists of an anti skid natural rubber base and fabric top with a polymer coated surface. You have the soft smooth feeling from the fabric and the nice glide from the coating and the rubber base makes it stay firm on the table. No other fabric/soft top on the market has the coating we developed. QPAD has been manufacturing mouse pads for 12 years and has for

Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboards

If you want to be the best, you must use the best! Keyboards play a key role in your gaming setup, be it for moving around your favourite map on Call Of Duty, or firing off your Ulti on LoL! Why settle for second best? Get yourself a mechanical keyboard and feel the difference for yourself!

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