Netstor Technology focuses on developing external SAS/SATA data storage products and aims to provide users with reliable, cost-effective and high-performing SAS/SATA data backup solution. From the world first company announced Mini Dual Hot-swappable external Hardware Raid solution in year 2002, these years Netstor continues to make efforts in completed products developing and now the product lines include External Mini Dual, Desk Tower, full line of 19” Rackmount storage enclosures, Internal Multi-Drives Module and all kinds of SAS/SATA converters. Netstor's customer covers the field of Audio/Video editors, IT managers, Telecom and DVR companies who are seeking a stable, trusted and new technology data backup solution.

Direct Attached Storage / Enclosures (Unpopulated)

Direct Attached Storage or DAS is an external storage device that is connected directly to a server or workstation without a network device in between (ie there is no hub, switch or router required) using USB, Firewire or eSATA for example. This direct connection ensures fast access to data. A DAS will work as though the hard drives are internally connected, meaning drives can be partitioned, formatted and set up like any other internal hard drive or raid array. These DAS devices are available for standalone desk or rack mounting.

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Direct Attached Storage / Enclosures ThunderBolt

Direct-attached storage or (DAS) is storage which is directly attached to the device accessing data from it, Opposed to storage accessed over a computer network or shared Network of devices. These are common types of storage products which are external boxes/enclosures which house inside hard drives, solid-state drives (SSD), optical disc drives, the storage range from a simple Single HDD/SSD to devices which hold multiple storage devices.


External Graphics Card Enclosures

These eGPU boxes allow you to quickly and easily boost the performance of your PC or laptop without having to open up the case. Most eGPU boxes connect via a Thunderbolt 3 port, and can be used to speed up games plus a variety of GPU-accelerated tasks such as rendering, video encoding and colour grading.

eGPU boxes support a wide range of NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, so please ensure that the model you’re interested in supports the graphics card you’re planning to use.


HDD & SSD Accessories

Here you will find various adaptors and other miscellaneous equipment for internal hard-drives to help adapt them to your requirements.


SCSI / SAS Cables

A range of cables suitable for different types of SCSI/SAS Devices