Concentrate Water Cooling Fluid

These concentrated coolants are designed to be mixed with deionised water to fill your water-cooled PC. Choose a wide variety of colours and finishes.


Premixed Water Cooling Fluid

The coolants here are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. They are designed to prevent corrosion and the growth of algae, both of which would prove problematic and reduce your systems cooling ability. Pre-mixed solutions are available in a wide variety of colours, including UV reactive ones.

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Water Cooling Biocides, Inhibitors & Cleaning Equipment

These additives help to prevent the growth of bacteria in a watercooling system, which will not only ruin the look, but eventually will slow the flow rate and effect performance.


Water Cooling Fluid Colour Dyes

Customise the look of your watercooling loop with these water dyes. Choose a single dye or consider mixing different dyes together to create your perfect colour.