4 String Bass Guitars

Explore our range of 4-string bass guitars, the backbone of any band. Renowned for their deep, punchy tones and straightforward playability, 4-string basses are perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike. Whether you're laying down rock-solid rhythms, exploring jazz improvisations, or driving funk grooves, these bass guitars provide the versatile foundation you need. Designed for durability and exceptional sound quality, our 4-string basses are ready to perform in any setting, from the practice room to the stage. Find your groove with our selection of 4-string bass guitars.


Alternative Style Guitars

Solid body Electric guitars are made from a solid block of wood, and require Pick-ups to make a noise. As such they are very resonant instruments and there are very many styles to choose from....

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Modern S Style Guitars

Experience the evolution of the iconic S-style guitar with our collection of modern S-style guitars. Combining the timeless design elements of the classic Stratocaster with innovative features and craftsmanship, these guitars offer unparalleled versatility and performance. From hot-rodded pickups and advanced electronics to ergonomic contours and cutting-edge hardware, our modern S-style guitars are engineered to inspire creativity and push musical boundaries. Whether you're shredding on stage, recording in the studio, or exploring new sonic territories, these guitars deliver the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern sophistication. Elevate your playing with our range of modern S-style guitars and redefine what's possible.


S Style Electric Guitars

Explore our collection of S-style guitars, paying homage to the iconic design that has shaped generations of music. Known for their sleek contours, versatile sound, and comfortable playability, S-style guitars are the go-to choice for musicians across genres. Whether you're strumming chords, unleashing blistering solos, or dialing in that signature quack, these guitars deliver the timeless tone and feel that players love. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our S-style guitars capture the essence of vintage inspiration while offering modern reliability and performance. Find your perfect S-style companion and embark on a musical journey that honors tradition while embracing innovation.